Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Downton - a breath of aristocratic, divinely superior air!

Fashion is always moving.

Change is a perquisite in the fashion industry and, for the fashion conscious, this fast-paced environment can be frustrating (and tiring!) to manage.

One thing can be safely assumed though – to be fashion forward you almost always need to look to the past. 

Series three of Downton Abbey has aired in the UK and from the glimpses I have seen, it is hard not to be totally taken with the incredible thought and detail that has been put into the wardrobe for this series.

Set in the post-war early 1920s, the residents (ie the wealthy ones) of Downton leave nothing to chance when looking their absolute best as they go about their daily lives of entertaining, walking the grounds and being dressed or groomed by their array of household staff – all while facing the threat of financial ruin! 

Shirley MacLain makes an appearance as Cora's crass yet superbly elegant American mother.

So Lady Mary finally gets her way?  One thing is for sure, her wedding dress is nothing short of demure, understated and unbelievably chic.

Always dapper, Lord Grantham never fails to impress. I love a straight man who cries fowl at not having his gay personal dresser/assistant/butler/stylist by his side at all times. Kudos!

And let's not forget Lady Grantham - ever beautiful in her delicately crafted couture gowns and sublimely radiant hats. One can only dream!

Poor Lady Edith - unlucky in love, unlucky in life. I don't want to give too much away but her luck does not seem to improve this season. But to her credit, the exquisite pieces that she is fortunate to grace are nothing short of sumptuous. Intricate hand stitched embroidery, delicately sheer and expensive fabrics, and long, flowing dresses - Lady Edith, you are one lucky girl (besides the whole spinster thing).

Lady Mary - self involved, spolit and frankly, a bitch. I love her. She exudes radiance and style, and this season is no different. Be ready to marvel at her amazingly lavish and expensive outfits, from dresses, to jewellery, to headwear - Lady Mary is a dream as she glides the halls of Downton. Shame about the personality :(

Is there marriage on the cards for Lady Edith after all? The tables may be turning. And yes, you could say she looks simply beautiful in her dress for the big day. But, I am afraid to say, once again, Ladies Mary and Sybil absolutely steal the show. Their soft lavender and blue dresses, cleverly adorned with sheer, embroidered lacework, are nothing short of stunning. Loving the lace gloves too. 

So British, So Chic - Downton Abbey is a must for lovers of fashion. Check it out.

See in Australia on Channel 7.

PS - need I say more about the season 3 boys of Downton (Branson is looking Irishly good, Thomas is looking bitchingly good, and the new butler Jimmy, good, good, good)


PPS - watch out for the always eager Thomas fall for the dreamy new butler boy - gurrrrl!

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