Monday, 24 September 2012

Milan Fashion Week SS 2013 FashWrap - Prada

Milan Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2013 has once again delivered some amazingly beautiful collections by some of the world's best designers.

All this week, I will be taking a look at some of my very favourite womenswear collections shown in Milan this year. 
(Next week = Men's week!)

I can think of no better label to get you excited for 2013 than the forever fabulous - Prada.

Undoubtedly, year after year, the house of Prada always captures my imagination and reminds me why I love fashion so much.

Fashion forward yet undeniably classic, Prada is the perennial oxymoron. 

The first impression of anything Prada always conjures lucid fantasies of sophisticated class and ├╝ber confidence. Embodied by the essence of high-fashion, Prada is defined by quality and style. Clean lines, bold prints and fresh imagination are all hallmarks of Prada's brand.

Prada's 2013 Spring Summer collection is another testament to the skill, understanding and ingenuity of Miuccia Prada (and her gifted team) when it comes to pushing the boundaries while staying true to the Prada brand and ideal.

Prada's collection is exciting.

Prada has used exceptional Italian tailoring to bring to life a Japanese, origami inspired journey of the senses. 

The floral motifs used to emblazon the collection are abstract and isolating as they channel the marriage between Prada's esoteric prints and the pop cultural aspirations stemming from the land of the rising sun. However, cleverly, despite this contemporary interpretation, the floral motifs break the hard edge of the origami look and give each look an injection of Prada-inspired femininity. 

The footwear gracing the Prada runway are a treat in themselves.

Japanese-Geisha-esque socks tied with ribbons, at times 'accessorised' with Japanese-style clogs, give the entire collection a youthful yet traditional yet revolutionary yet futuristic feel - again proving Prada the house of addictive contradictions.  

Freaking LOVE the hot pink socks with this look!

The use of contrasting shades of black, grey and white, and the way each shade has been engaged by the team at Prada, is something truly special. Inherently chic and off-the-charts stylish, the look above is to die for. The mid-thigh cut of the skirt and the three-quarter length sleeves lend itself to the essence of Spring and Summer. However, although dark, the contrasting cool shades refine this look, and others in the collection, into a realm of utmost sophistication and finesse. 

To finish off, the look above can only be likened to that supremely divine sorbet used to cleanse the palette after an incredibly delicious meal. Immediately, I was taken with this departure from the the origami cuts of the previous looks, in terms of both colour and feel. Like a breath of fresh air, the look is simple yet packed with punch and vigour. Feminine and sultry, the cut of the short and the sleeve, the sting of the red and the power of the black bag has left an everlasting impression. 

Prada continues to remain an icon in fashion and each collection leaves me wanting more, 
so much more...

brandmaker (SC!)

Images courtesy of Vladimir Potop and

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