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Milan Fashion Week SS 2013 FashWrap - Blumarine

Anna Molinari's dream continues to inspire.

Inspire not only her own personal design aesthetic, but a generation of free-flowing, utterly desirable Italian chic. 

Blumarine's collection was one of my favourites at Milan Spring Summer Fashion Week for 2013.

The soft pastel colours and delicate prints embody the fresh breezes of the Mediterranean coastline and warm rays of the sun on a lazy Spring afternoon. Comfortable and stylish - Blumarine has come to represent a generation of women who live in the moment and who have the confidence to mix casual ease with high fashion luxe. 

The fresh sorbet pastel shades of demure yellow, lime, pink and purple can be seen throughout the collection, matched with fresh floral prints and the sheer beauty of chiffon and pleats.

Each of Blumarine's pieces is a contradiction of youth and elegance. It is easy to be intimidated by fine fabrics and sleek design, yet Blumarine's collection is anything but intimidating - the words covetable and inviting 'spring' to mind! (pardon the pun!)

Each cut and line represents yet another layer of effervescence, as each piece breathes life into the collection as it strolls confidently down the runway. 

Blumarine, as it seen in the looks above and below, has used uninhibited lines and cuts, the transparency and elegance of sheer, and free-flowing, loose silhouettes, to ensure that each look remains light and breezy. Blumarine has also kept a soft base colour palette of pale whites and greys and dusty pinks and blues, which assist in giving the collection an overall cohesive feel and sense of definition.

In amongst the pale shades and sorbet pastels, Blumarine has still managed to surprise and delight with a number of punchy pieces designed to lift and inspire one's Spring wardrobe. The striking pink piece above being a prime example.

Playfully cut just above the ankle, matched by colour and appeal in the strappy Roman heels, and the addition of the (very current!) elegantly oversized in the top, the entire look adds an air of confident individuality and expression to the Blumarine collection. This look is destined to turn heads while holidaying on the picturesque Amalfi Coast in 2013.

The above-knee cut on this look gives it a real youthful, rock-chick vibe.

Speaking in analogies, Blumarine more than lives up to its name. The life of the sea, especially the Mediterranean, conjures many images, colours and feelings. Throughout the collection, Blumarine appears to have harnessed the life of the sea and has fully enlisted the spectrum of colour and feeling that so enchants us. Blumarine's silhouettes are creative and energetic, and are reminiscent of the giant kelp forests which rise towards the sun and flow effortlessly in the currents of the warm, tropical waters. 

The shades, the fabric and the v cut, pleated top make this piece something to remember.
Yep, sexy IS the word!
I love this.
Like an artist's canvas, brought to life through the glow of watercolours, the looks above are an evolution of colour and sentiment. Soft and cool (with the one below matched with an ├╝ber chic dusty pink bag) these looks neatly sum up Blumarine's Spring Summer collection for 2013. Love.

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