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Christian Dior this Spring / Summer - bliss!

Christian Dior is bliss.

The ultimate in high end design and style, Dior pieces are timeless and classic.

We in the Southern Hemisphere have the benefit of having seen and experienced the collections of the great design houses six months before our seasons come around. We are able to covet (and perhaps save to buy) our favourite pieces before the world turns our way.

Well, Spring is officially here and our time has come to seriously think about the Spring / Summer collections for 2012 and 2013. There is not better starting point than the amazing, Christian Dior.

Pleated silk chiffon dress with lace details and belt embroidered with glass mosaic. 
Dior uses classic silhouettes and enlivens them with the fresh colours of the season and exquisite craftsmanship. The allure of Dior's chiffon dresses, with their fine detail and understated accessories, is unmistakeable. It is simple elegance and tailoring that draws the eye and helps each piece shine in a collection worthy of its stature. The pleated silk chiffon dress above, with its clean lines and complementary colour palette, and the positioning of that gorgeous glass mosaic belt, accentuates the wearers height and speaks definitively of summer chic.  

Linen and silk organza dress embroidered with opaline and pearly patches with silver chain belt.
In the warmer Spring and Summer seasons, less is always more. They are the seasons to let off a little steam - show a little leg here, a little shoulder there. It is also the chance to play with bolder colours, heightened patterns and playful accessories. However, in amongst the excitement of experimentation, the need for sophistication and style consciousness remains. Dior's linen and silk organza dress above epitomises this marriage. Sleek and refined, flowing and full bodied, the black silhouette, defined by the silver chain belt, is the ultimate in class. However, in keeping with the jovial seasons, the dress is embroidered with contrasting opaline and pearly patches, which revolutionise the look and create an earthy, natural feel in reverence to the sun and its majesty over the coming months.

Printed organza drape dress.

Pleated nude silk chiffon dress with contrast lace detail and tube-embroidered belt.
Watching Dior's pleated nude silk chiffon dress walk down the the runway, you are left entranced by its beauty. The lace detail sways and bobs in rhythmic elegance and leaves a lasting impression long after the dress has moved on. Once again, Dior has used seasonal considerations in the most subtle and refined ways. The single strapped shoulder, with the gold strapped shoes and accessories, give this look that very hint of seasonal personality that is inherent in the Spring and Summer collections. The contrasting colour palette, between the black lace detail and the nude silk, is current, and most importantly, flattering - we all love flattering.

Printed silk and wool dress with crepe jacket and leather belt.
Luxury has so many connotations. Gold. Quality. Rare. Exclusive. Dior is all of these. The printed silk and wool dress above, with the contrasting checkered crepe jacket and accompanied with the thin leather belt, is as luxurious as it is stylish. The v-line sheer cut of the jacket adds another layer of youthful essence and the strappy shoes again give this look a springtime feel.

Soft lambskin top embroidered with opalin and pearly patches.

Cotton and silk reps with fringe details and leather belt.

Silk and wool crepe jacket with leather belt.
At some point in our lives, we have all wished we were French. Haven't we? Well, in the very least, we have all wished we were born with that inherent French ability to make everything look exclusively chic and supremely enviable. Dior is the master at capturing this French quality. An all black look in a Spring and Summer collection cannot always be pulled off, but the above look has been superbly tailored and the volume added to the top lifts this entire outfit to another level. Dior has cleverly kept the length of the pant legs and the sleeves at a level that brings the look back to the warmer seasons it represents.

The House of Dior really can do no wrong.

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The video of the runway showcasing the above collection is available on the website and is a great way to see these amazing looks come to life - highly recommended!

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