Thursday, 30 August 2012

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week designer - Lui Hon

When looking through a prism, the colour reflected is full of undiscovered possibilities. The shapes, the light, the natural beauty. Your mind is left to wander.

Lui Hon has managed to channel this intrigue and create a gorgeous Spring / Summer collection - 
Prism of Light.

The silhouettes do not conform to any generic mould or fall under any misapprehension of what is beautiful. Hon interprets the prism of light and delivers a collection that is conceptually elegant and forward thinking. Structurally sound and built on vision, Lui Hon is an impressive canvas for showcasing individuality.

Like the colours of the prism, the cool cobalt blue strikes imagination and helps to make this ruffled dress glow with playful sensuality. The addition of the tassled, knee length pants and platform shoes lift the look from ordinary - this look is adaptable to different situations, and with the right accessories, would complement a range of personalities. 

Dramatic and feminine, Lui Hon understands how to create pieces that are designed to highlight the essential needs and wants of a woman. The need to be comfortable, the want to be sexy. The need for that perfect fit, the want for that bold statement. Each piece is inherent with desire.

Sometimes the wonder that arises when looking through a prism in not just what you can see - it's what you can't see that draws inspiration. Lui Hon has cleverly injected darker shades into the collection, and  with the use of heavier fabrics, this makes for a sophisticated take on what has traditionally been the domain of vibrant colour and sheer.

Who said the warmer months could not ooze refinement and beauty. The stunning contrast between the luscious blue wrap and the pure white, superbly tailored dress is undeniably glamorous. And with the cut out sides showing just that little bit of somethin' somethin', sexy is word. Who wouldn't want this to wear to the next summer BBQ or road trip to the beach? Perhaps not.. But there must be a Summer ball or Christmas function screaming for this to be bought now? Right now! 

Wearing Lui Hon is like wearing fine art - divine.

You will find Lui Hon showcasing during Runway 1 at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week on Tuesday 4 September.

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