Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Clutch onto a McQueen

Truth or dare?

Truth - Alexander McQueen is always radical, exciting and adrenaline inducing.

Dare - Go on... I dare you... Buy something! 

It may be coming into the warmer months down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but I think you could be forgiven for indulging in McQueen's pre-Autumn (Fall) collection of seriously hot clutch bags. 

Ok, they're going to set you back a couple of thousand hard-earned pennies (or maybe even slightly more for the Python Knucklebox) - but they are ohhhhh so good. And hey, that tax cheque has to be spent on something, right? At least with a McQueen clutch bag you're not only guaranteed quality and uber coolness, but you are guaranteed to transform yourself into someone new and completely wild everytime you pick one up.

The Gold Studded Suede Knucklebox Cluth
Chic - Sophisticated - SEXXXXXXY!

The Britannia Skull Box Clutch
Rule Britannia, Rule the World - BABY!

The 3D Leather Baroque Punk Skull Box
This ain't no High Tea - BITCH!

The Wave Python Knucklebox Clutch
Now this is AMAZE! If only I could get away with a clutch! .... could I?

Don't be afraid - discover who you are and live a little.

Check out www.alexandermcqueen.com for more and have a little fun.

brandmaker (SC!)

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