Monday, 6 August 2012

The 'Last Lap' Party - London

So, the Aussie swimmers did not do so well in the pool...

Who cares?

What really counts is how they performed at (and what they wore to) the 'Last Lap' party to celebrate the end of the Olympic swimming schedule in London.

First, the 'Missile' James Magnussen...

Ok, so he didn't score a gold in the pool. And let's face it, this is pretty boring. But, this pair of blue denims and flattering v-neck tee only help to accentuate what is a damn fine body. Loving the contrasting blue tape pocket - and the beigey stone shoes only add to his overall manliness... GRR!

Next, Libby Trickett

Although not a disaster, I'm not a huge fan. Sorry Libby. She is a gold medalist at three Olympic games, including one from London (as part of our 4 x 100m freestyle relay team - the only gold from the pool) and she is a mum - pretty good effort. But this dress doesn't live up to her stella career. Although playful, the floral pattern is a little too loud and not suited to a 27 year old swimming champion at an Olympic partay in London. Her accessories are a little plain and the belt, being as wide as it is, shortens the length of her skirt to form an awkward mini, which, from some angles, almost looks like she is wearing shorts (urgh). But, perhaps it's just me. Perhaps I am suffering from Summer envy as I sit here looking out at another dreary Melbourne winter's day. Either way, I would have preferred a little black dress than a little floral one.

And Melanie Schlanger...

Yep, time to celebrate the end of years of hard work and training in the pool. Well done. But what are you wearing? There is nothing to celebrate there. Black pants. Jeans? And that pleated top. It's just not flattering. It offers nothing. Show off that swimmers body gurl! The whole outfit just doesn't go. Is it casual, smart casual, formal or just wrong? The top says semi-formal but the hair and make-up say grocery shopping on a Thursday night. C'mon Melanie - celebrate in style!

All critiques aside, well done Aussie swimmers!
Photos courtesy of The Daily Telegraph:

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