Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Witchery - sweet 16!

Witchery is now stocking size 16...

Question one: why weren't they already?

A large (pardon the pun) section of our society is out there searching for comfortable, stylish and sexy clothing, only to be turned off by the lack of appropriate sizes being made by local designers and stocked by fashion retailers across the country. Some designers only want their creations to be promoted on those of a certain size. Increasingly though, this is not helping to bring $$$ through the door. Being able to dress in what's hot right now should be open to anyBODY and everyBODY. Let's celebrate our individuality and give everyone the opportunity to look good.

Question two: why now?

With the economic downturn and local retailers doing it tough, something (or someone) had to give. With clothes so easily accessible over the web (in all shapes and sizes!) retailers are having to come to the party and begin to diversify their range to appeal to a broader and more shapely market. Plus, in reality, the average (meant in the nicest possible mathematical way) woman has a more luscious, curvy figure. Deal with it!

Question three: who's next?

Well, with online retailers such as and offering a range of looks and outfits for the plus size girl, local designers and stores are having to change their ways to remain competitive in what is a shrinking market. Let's wait and see!

Check out:

brandmaker (SC!)

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