Thursday, 23 August 2012

Etro - A Kaleidoscope of Colour


A journey through colour, through time, through life.

Etro's collections are not only eye-catching, they are mesmerising. 

You let your eye stop and before you know it you are staring at the whimsical patterns and free flowing fabrics - losing yourself in a moment of beauty and longing. 

In a land of fantasy, the rhythm underlying Etro's Spring / Summer collections is harmonious with the pulse of the fabrics. Movement is everywhere. You can feel the genesis that is being cultured through the ideas and imaginings that the pieces embody. The use of colour to convey feelings and emotions is inherent throughout. 

Staring through the twilight zone, you can see the craftsmanship and the purest sense of adventure that the designers at Etro have embarked upon. The abstractionist use of cut and line, and the contrasting use of tone and pattern, all create pieces that are individual, natural and ultimately, emotional.

Warm and cool colours are used in a form of symbiosis, engendering a feeling of completeness and fulfillment. The collection is truly a journey. The loose fitting pants. The flowing, uninhibited dresses. The tribal, electric prints. Each piece throughout the collections speak of the season.  

The women's collection is particularly fearless and imposing. The vivid prints and engaging use of colour empower the wearer and entrance the beholder. Powerful and attractive, the linear patterns draw the eye and make the perfect canvass for expressing a vibrant, unapologetic personality.


It is the variety within Etro's collections that is most impressive. The abundance of colour, the unpredictable shapes and the unassuming patterns, all make for a showcase of imagination and confidence. Not every designer could pull off such a task using such a broad palette of ideas and inspirations. But Etro is as complex as it is talented. Etro is dream within a dream. The whirlpool of light and colour is born through an organic mind-altering experience that translates into utterly beautiful and totally desirable clothes.

Love it.

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