Monday, 13 August 2012

Tabitha Simmons - me likey!

Flicking through Vogue Australia's September issue on the tram, I was immediately taken by the striking and crafty Tabitha Simmons patchwork Mary Jane staring back at me. The conservative patterns and demure colour palette make this one classy (and must have) shoe. A pair of these babies could easily breathe a little life into that plain old (but essential) little black dress or dress up that starlet-inspired burlesque, baby doll, cutsie look.

Tabitha Simmons is an English designer, living in New York and working internationally (a celeb favourite) - and I can see why. Her creations are sexy yet undoubtedly sophisticated. Feminine, but not girly. Classy, but not stuffy. Tabitha appears to tick all the right boxes. I am a huge believer in the philosophy that shoes and accessories make all the difference in the way someone feels, looks and acts. A stunning pair of shoes give you confidence and a platform on which to build a look. Tabitha has taken the every day heel, flat and sandal and made them into something worth admiring. Her collections usually include a mix of bold colours, shapes and prints and the more elegant, classic and timeless pieces.

The Dion Glitter

The Felicity Flower

This is one special heel!

The Frida Pink Black Flower Silk

Playful, innovative and ultimately wearable, Tabitha Simmons' creations are fresh and exciting. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, there is no reason why you shouldn't look fabulous, and Tabitha is ready to help.

PS -
Emma Watson +
Tabitha's "Gothic" sandals +
MTV Music Awards 2012 =


Check out her many other creations and treat yourself at (photos sourced from Tabitha Simmons).

You can also find some good deals at - like the patchwork Mary Jane shoe above.

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