Monday, 13 August 2012

Christopher Shannon - another gold for team GB!

Christopher Shannon is exciting.

Mens fashion does not usually generate the same showmanship, drama and flamboyancy that the women's runways usually inspire, but Christopher Shannon's 2013 Spring / Summer collection appears to have found the right balance between wearability, individuality and theatre.


Not that I can see myself wearing the above '50 shades of grey' inspired creation to work anytime soon - but the play on shades, the vibrancy of colour and the free-flowing fabrics inject an infectious enthusiasm into Christopher Shannon's design aesthetic. It is a fresh direction in mens fashion. His collections are not mind-bendingly abstract, or overly artistic to the point of being misunderstood - Shannon's creations are masculine, self-assured and confident.

The story of colour that weaves its way through Shannon's collection is bold and eye-catching. He has used the power of directed horizontal lines to invigorate his pieces with deep purples, magentas, greens, greys, off-whites and oranges. The infusion of tassels and subtle patterns only help accentuate the bursts of colourful energy.

The above look is my favourite. Yes, it is probably the model that draws my liking. BUT, I do love the look. The clinically white top and the free-flowing shorts cut just above the knee speak of long, warm Summer nights when life is indescribably good and the air is as fresh as can be. Team that with the understated but covetable loafers and the explosion of tightly packed colour, neatly corralled into tailored lines and celebrated with bourgeois tassels, the overall look is one of accomplishment and identity.

Christopher Shannon's silhouettes are clean and deceptively simple. That's what makes his collections so exciting. It is the way Shannon brings this clean simplicity to life through intelligent design and contemporary thought on the direction of men's fashion. Dramatic yet inherently style driven, I am always left wanting more.

I know you will want more too, so check out

To see the rest of Christopher Shannon's 2013 Spring / Summer collection, visit 
(that's where I sourced the photos!)

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