Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ports 1961 - menswear to die for!

When looking at the menswear collections from Ports 1961, I just want to run out and apply for an AMEX card with as much credit as possible just to buy every last piece that very instant.


Since 2011, Ports (as it is known) has been showing menswear that is covetable and suave. Impeccably tailored and with an air of gentleman-ness, Ports has managed to invoke the traditional, powerful man and modernise him with contemporary cuts and softer colour palettes.

Ports' 2013 Spring collection is no different. In fact, Ports creative director, Fiona Cibani,  has come out bolder and more adventurous, toying with concepts such a geometric shapes and pastel colours, while still encouraging the Ports man to feel confident, even cocky, as he walks from his penthouse in Monte Carlo to his yacht to enjoy a brandy and a cigar. Ok, too much. But the Ports man does look oh so fine.


What I love most about the Spring collection from Ports is the chameleon like character that seems to transform one expression to the other, while always retaining a constant sense of dignity and style. The lime greens, yellows, blacks, whites and blues could have been overly diverse, yet Ports has managed to retain a story. A catalogue of a man's journey through Spring as he lightens his wardrobe to reveal a sense of play. A sense of mischief born from the warming air and the bluer skies. A wanting to flaunt one's personality and express a desire to walk with intention.

I particularly love this look to the right. The different shades of pale, sherbet and petal pinks, broken by the layered fabrics and bold impressions of white, give this otherwise feminine look, an air of self-assuredness and intent. This Ports man is out to turn heads, and with that exquisitely made pink beauty bag and the bashful pink lace-up shoes, I can feel a neck strain coming on.

You can find more looks from this collection and others, including Ports women's collections, at (images sourced from Ports 1961)

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