Sunday, 5 August 2012

What it's all about...

Expression can be subconscious. Even when not trying to, fashion tells a story.

How many times have you needed to run across to the supermarket to pick something up that you have forgotten for dinner? Tracksuit pants, runners, random jacket, hideous hair. Perhaps not a fashion story you would deliberately portray. Not consciously. But in that moment, that innocent dash from point A to B, you have unwittingly shown part of your personal brand you may have otherwise kept hidden - carefree, nonchalant, reckless?

Reflecting on my journey through fashion over the past decade, it has been a haphazard journey. Many periods I would rather forget. Many periods where I thought of fashion as nothing more than an alien concept. Sure, I wore clothes (to the delight of those around me!) but that's all they were, clothes. Nothing more. When I look back, they probably did reflect who I was at the time. Reserved? Lacking in confidence? Low self-esteem? My personal brand, an expression of who I was, was not something I set out to promote in any real, deliberate way.

To me, the power of fashion, the way it makes you feel as a person, the dignity, the pride, the expression of who I am, is a relatively recent phenomenon. Over the past couple of years, I have been living through somewhat of an awakening. An enlightenment. Fashion has become a vehicle by which to live my life. It has been a turning point in helping to discover who I am and how I can portray myself to the world. Fashion, in all its forms, has enabled me to build my personal brand. To demonstrate my personality on any given day, the way I feel in any given moment, or the direction I am heading into the future.

I am fortunate to have discovered the power of fashion. And now I am ready to share.

brandmaker (SC!)

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