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Veronika Maine - Summer 2012

Contemporary fashion house, Veronika Maine, is a well established brand with boutique stores across Australia and New Zealand.

The new Summer 2012 collection is a vibrant, eclectic mix of patterns and colours that excites and intrigues. A play on the contrasts between black and white, horizontal and vertical lines and differing shades, patterns and colours, the collection is continually surprising (in a good way).

Veronika Maine
Although very New Zealand looking with its black background and fern-like palm print, this dress is a simple silhouette that is pleasing on the eye. The palm print pattern had the potential of being a little too kitsch and retro (in a bad way) but somehow Veronika Maine has made this dress cute and versatile. Dressed with the right accessories, such as the (djion) mustard bad and strappy heels, the dress can easily be transformed from summer days to summer nights.

Veronika Maine
This zebra-esque striped cotton silk tunic dress screams summer sex. High-end summer sex of course. It’s cool and sophisticated. The ruffled sleeves with the mix of vertical and horizontal lines, as well as the tailored collar, give the whole look an empowering edge. Contrast the dress with the piped woven belt and that is one hot mama (or model).

 Veronika Maine
This geometric print cotton dress is groovy. Slip into this on a hot Friday night for work drinks and you have yourself a promotion! It’s sexy yet conservative, with the dress cut just above the knee and the bust not giving too much away. The colours are hypnotizing and vibrant, and teamed with the wide corset woven belt, the look is a statement in style.

Veronika Maine
The palms are back, and this time they come in stretch cotton pants. I probably hate these, but matched with the sketch print cotton top, I am slightly enamored. Maybe it is like one of those visual illusion things where you just keep looking at it in the hope of seeing something magical. Perhaps in this picture it is that gorgeous electric blue mock lizard clutch that is appearing from the otherwise blurry image. Not sure if I like this, but I am sure there is a time and place for it - perhaps a hot tropical night on an island off the coast of Venezuela? One can only dream… PS – I do love the top.

Love, love, love. The spliced stretch cotton dress is retro, housewife meets 70s working woman and is summery without being, well, floral and beachy. The spliced print and the mix of neutral tones, such as white, black, salted caramel brown and mustard, mean that this dress could look fabulous on any number of women of many different shapes and sizes, all the while making each one of them feel sexy and chic. Match the dress with those strapped pumps and you have one hot, ice-tea drinking, beach laying, alfresco dining, boutique shopping summer look.

Photos are from the Veronika Maine website: http://veronikamaine.com.au/summer-2012

You can also find Veronika Maine at David Jones: www.davidjones.com.au

Visit the site to find out more, check out the rest of the collection and see where you can get your hands on a piece for your wardrobe this summer.

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