Wednesday, 15 August 2012

London = HOT Spice!

The Spice Girls performance at the closing ceremony in London was even better than expected (and frankly, I expected a lot) - it was fantastic. The whole performance was choreographed with class and the Girls looked like they enjoyed themselves as much as the viewers (and the screaming stadium) did. Afterwards, everyone was talking about fashionista Victoria and her gorgeous Giles dress -so was I. Everyone was also humming Spice up your Life on the tram the following day - don't pretend you weren't.

Victoria looked great, but I don't think the other Girls should be overlooked. In fact, I thought they were all stand outs!

The Girls looked fabulous.

Geri looked typically flamboyant and sexy, with her gold leaf boots and union jack branded, bright red cocktail dress, she really had everyone looking at her!

Emma was trademark sweet, but like always, she carries with her a glimpse of sex appeal. The mini-hot pink dress with the v-line chest just made everyone want to Holler!

Sporty Mel C looked, well, sporty. But that doesn't take away from how amazing she is looking. Fresh, fit and fabulous. Well done Mel C - great to see you back on the world stage (literally) and looking fine. Who do you think you are? - Sporty, that's who.

Scary Mel B looked, well, scary. But she rocks it. Flashy, glittering, unapologetic - Mel B owns who she is and we love her for it. Those golden, sequined platform heels were incredible (especially on that high speed taxi) - kudos Scary, kudos! Viva Forever!

Spice up your life.

(how many more songs can I fit in? Say You'll be there, Mama, Wannab... What was that? Stop?)

brandmaker (SC!)

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