Saturday, 11 August 2012

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week designer: Gwendolynne

“I love working with beautiful exclusive fabrics and designing my own embellishments. My design philosophy is to create timeless beauty; I choose to work in small quantities in order to maintain  quality, exclusivity and longevity.”

Gwendolynne Burkin

Who else is excited to see Gwendolynne’s latest collection at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week this September? I certainly am.

Feminine. Delicate. Exquisite.

Looking at Gwendolynne’s creations, you feel a sense of purity and lightness, all the while becoming entranced by the intricate beadwork and embroidery (see below) that adorns so many of her pieces. The perception of the female form and the couture effort that so obviously goes into creating her collections is more than admirable - it is sheer talent!

Gwendolynne’s inspiration appears to be drawn from a time embodied by romance and elegance. With many pieces created from the most delicate of laces or shimmering with heavenly crystals, the wearer is transcended from mere mortal to goddess-like stature. Perhaps this is why Gwendolynne is turned to when a bride wants to feel that extra bit special on her wedding day. Her dresses engender uniqueness and individuality. Pieces that are designed for you and your purpose. Your delight.


The style and femininity that radiates from Gwendolynne’s collections is one of a kind, and I believe her star will only continue to rise.

Gwendolynne’s salon can be found in Fitzroy, Melbourne and her bridal services are complemented by Richard Nylon, who makes divine veils and headpieces to accompany Gwendolynne’s pieces.

Gwendolynne will be showing her latest collection during Runway One of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week on Tuesday 4 September. I can’t wait.

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