Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week designer: Manning Cartell

Watching the Myer Spring / Summer 2013 launch the other night, Manning Cartell was a particular stand-out. Jennifer Hawkins looked flawless - as did the other girls. 

Cute, fresh and youthful - Manning Cartell's collection epitomises Springtime glamour. 

A fashion house of three sisters, Cheryl, Vanessa and Gabrielle, Manning Cartell is a collaboration of artistic talent and vision. Their collections are ultimately feminine and contemporary. They use prints and patterns as a vehicle to bring their pieces to life and define the female form in a way that embodies a sense of sophistication and effortlessness.

The Rainbow Dragon Dress
Manning Cartell's designs (like the Rainbow Dragon Dress above) engender a chic simplicity that is the essence of good design and wearability. Women want to wear Manning Cartell because they can feel sexy and confident, without being intimidated or overwhelmed.

Vertical strokes (cute, cute) shorts and jacket

Again, the (deceptively) simple look above is complemented by the clever use of the 'strokes' and the immaculate tailoring, giving this look an intelligent edge. The cut of the mini-shorts give an air of rebellion and individuality, with the jacket and lose fitting shirt carrying the look to a (sexy) degree of practicality and completeness.

The Rainbow Dragon Silk Dress

Striped sneakers dress - elegant realness!
 The striped sneakers dress above is a primary example of Manning Cartell's ability to weave elegance and sophistication into what is a playful and free-spirited collection. The straight lines and the demure colour palette help to elevate this dress.

Freakin love this - The Jewel Box Skirt (metallic sequin!) 
 The look above is one of my favourites. The use of metallic sequin on the skirt is is punchy and dramatic, yet Manning Cartell have refined their design to create something that is svelte and seductive. Styled with the black techno belt and the Jewel Box Tee - winning!

Manning Cartell will be showcasing their Spring collection during Runway 2 of the
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week - Designer Series, on Wednesday 5 September.

I have my ticket and I can't wait. 

For more of the collection and to shop, shop, shop - visit:

brandmaker (SC!)

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