Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dianna Agron (Glee person) in Paris

Loving this look by Gleek, Dianna Agron.

The ruffling from the waist and across the shoulders slash sleeves (on an otherwise unadventurous striped grey dress) adds an sense of elegance and dare I say it, chic-ness, while still remaining youthful and current with its lose fitting silhouette. The pink sunnies and understated heels totally complement the less punchy shades of grey, black and white and show the thought she has put into making a cohesive outfit.

What I love most of all are those gorgeous cases. Once again, accessories steal the show, adding that air of glamour and ‘moviestarness’ (my new word) required of a budding young actress. The detailing and patterns are very luxe and I too would not hesitate in carrying those around the streets of Paris.

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