Friday, 17 August 2012

The Flip Side @ Zimmermann

Twenty years after the Zimmermann sisters opened their first boutique in Sydney, their ready-to-wear and swimwear collections are now available in high-end stores across the globe, including Zimmermann's own stores in Los Angeles and New York.

Zimmermann is one of Australia's most successful and respected fashion labels. And you can see why. Their 2012 'Flip Side' Spring / Summer collection is fresh and fun - and a very welcome reminder of the warmer months heading our way. Long days, balmy nights and clear skies - Zimmermann encapsulates the essence of Spring / Summer season, with their bright floral prints and eye-catching colours.


I love the above look. The collared shirt, the length of the sleeves and the tropical skirt create an eclectic look that is relevant and individual. The orange, arabian inspired strapped heels give the dress an extra dimension - a powerful kick of class and desire! 

Moving away from the tropical floral, Zimmermann have toned down the pattern and dressed it up for an upgrade to first class. Who doesn't love this? The strapless dress is defined by a well placed belt, high enough to give the wearer height and to separate and define the top from the graceful cut and wrap of the lower fabric, strategically revealing a long, sensual leg and the silver glimmer of a Summer must have - the strappy heel.

Zimmermann continues to inspire a want for more. The sisters continue to create collections the ooze the sophistication and craftsmanship that comes with experience and understanding. Understanding that has developed over time and evolved into an awareness of what is current and chic without being over-stated and unapproachable. The looks are simple yet individual, classic yet modern, and always high-end. Love.

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