Sunday, 7 October 2012

Milan Fashion Week SS 2013 FashWrap - Etro

I always love Etro.


And this year, Veronica Etro and her team have managed to surpass my rather high expectations and deliver a Spring Summer collection in Milan that is truly wonderful.

Clean, unashamedly eccentric, full of life - the Etro woman is an individual. 

Etro uses a range of refined patterns and prints with vigour and vitality. The piece above bursts with a fragrant floral motif, while cleverly balanced with the use of black trim on the three quarter length pant and a flowing, dramatic A-cut blouse, which is lined with an electric blue to give the entire look a sultry and sophisticated undertone.

Etro's prints and patterns are as dynamic as they are empowered. The Etro women above and below are flush with a confidence and underlying sexuality that is altogether enamouring to the casual spectator. The look above is brought alive with the thoughtful addition of a white belt and white straps on the shoes, which counter the the black wrist band and black trimmed clutch. By doing this, Etro have kept the look from being overly dark and harsh, and instead have created a sense of youthful jauntiness to the overall feel.

Etro's use of a black base is what helps to really bring the collection alive. The multidimensional colour palette used throughout the collection is supported and energised by the black canvas, with looks such as the one below popping with charisma and hyperactivity. The black canvas, sometimes countered with a tan or ivory canvas, is the perfect vehicle for demonstrating the femininity of the quintessential Etro floral motif. 

As much as Etro is sublimely feminine and clean cut, it is deliriously flamboyant and dramatic. A dichotomy of multiple personalities, Etro astounds with colour, fabric, pattern and print. There is nothing generic to be found here. Each Etro piece is a celebration of the extraordinary and the iconic - and this is only assisted by an equally amazing array of accessories and shoes to highlight the myriad of entrancing hues.

Equally as surprising is Etro's ability to facilitate a meeting between East and West, with Japanese-inspired chic taken to a whole new level. With structural kimonos and clean-line cuts, each piece injects an air of fresh edginess and design.

Loving Etro - and seeing the Milan SS 2013 collection - I'm sure you do to!!

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