Sunday, 14 October 2012

MEN'S WEEK - Milan SS 2013 - Fabulous Ferragamo

WOW! Ferragamo has made a splash this year. 

I always love menswear - but Ferragamo's Spring Summer collection this year is just fabulous.

Bright, fresh and altogether conspicuous, the Ferragamo man is set to shine in 2013.

Known for its delicious array of exquisitely crafted shoes, the Salvatore Ferragamo brand is completely desirable and fast becoming the leader in high-end luxury and style.

This year's men's collection is awash with flamboyant colour and print, and deserves a special mention in dare and individuality. 

Adoring the look above. The crisp white v-neck pullover with the splash of sherbet yellow, complemented with the tie and shades of grey in the shirt and pant, are engagingly fresh. Smart casual has been taken to a whole new dimension with Ferragamo's collection this year - especially with the laid back trainers punctuating each piece. The look has been replicated in differing degrees throughout the collection, with varying levels of colour explosion and a play on cuts and lines. I just love it. 

Si Si! Not only are the models (Arthur Gosse below - *wink,wink*) supremely handsome, but the clothes are just as dapper (in a extraverted, look at me sort of way). The casual chic, the contrasting trim, the pop of bright punchy colours - everything works to make each piece feel summery fresh and magnetised. You can't help but smile.  

Kissed with an artist's brush, the look above is just heavenly. I want it and I want it NOW! The refreshing blue, the yellow laces on the trainers, the brush strokes accentuating the shoulders and oh so manly chest, accessorised with that fabulous bag - I WANT! (I have a sneaky feeling that shades of sky blue and sunny lemon yellow are going to feature in the coming Spring Summer seasons!)

Grey wash, yellow pop and blue highlight - perfetto! (Adrien Sahores - très très sexy!)

Summer lovin' has come around again and I have fallen head over heels. 

Salvatore Ferragamo has injected more than a little enthusiasm into menswear for this year's Spring Summer collection and leads the pack in capturing the seasons of fun, light and freedom.

brandmaker (SC!)

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