Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Milan Fashion Week SS 2013 FashWrap - Bottega Veneta

'When your own initials are enough'

Bottega Veneta - a name synonymous with high-end luxury and sophistication. 

Quality, craftsmanship, innovation and functionality are the hallmarks of this Italian brand.

This year's showing in Milan for the 2013 Spring Summer collections was Bottega Veneta at its finest.

Chic, exquisite and impeccably tailored - this collection is a sensory delight.

Sublimely good, what woman would not want to be seen walking the streets of Paris, Milan, Sydney or Melbourne in the look above? 

The delicate floral pattern, complemented with shades of red, peach and anchored in black, and the embroidered beading, highlight the distinguished craftsmanship which has become the signature of Bottega Veneta. The pencil skirt, black sheer stockings and the strappy cutaway platforms ensure the look is raised beyond mere mortality to that of an upper-eastside heiress. 

Bottega Veneta has managed to use colour and casual playfulness in such a way that the brand never strays from its flawless design aesthetic. Architectural yet fluid, the piece above is a wonder in summertime etiquette. Reminiscent of a sunset on a deliriously hot day, when the darkening sky signals relief and refreshment. Raised upon the square-toed peach coloured slip-on heels, the silhouette is clean and buoyant in the breeze of motion. Desirable and deceivingly sweet - fabulous.

Who said the warmer days and nights of the Spring Summer months could not bring with it an air of upper-class chic and first-class glamour? Well, Bottega Veneta wasn't listening. Utterly enviable, the black beading adorning the demure, floral inspired fabric leaves us all wanting... The black square-lined bag hand-woven with textural feathering just adds to this already classic look.

Intricate and polished - Bottega Veneta is an experience in pure luxury.

'For spring, we wanted to make clothes that blur the lines, that offer a more complex idea. These are clothes for women who’d rather not be summed up in a word or two.'

Tomas Maier - Creative Director at Bottega Veneta

brandmaker (SC!)

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