Sunday, 21 October 2012

MEN'S WEEK - Milan 2013 - Marvellous Moschino

Talk about bang!

In 2013, the Moschino man is set to make his mark - and it is going to be smack-you-in-the-face-and-grab-your-attention good.

The Moschino SS offering is rebellious and hypnotising - and definitely pushes the boundaries of style to their very limits. Love it or hate it (I personally love it) - the Moschino runway is a sensory force du jour!!

I really like the look above. Punchy colours with sub-tropical highlights, preppy shorts and the dramatic faux V neck make for a powerful look. Designed to garner attention, the look, overstated with contrasting colours and brought to life with the lemon-yellow belt, is visual feast. For me, the hat is a bit much - perhaps I am being a little conservative?! 

Who hasn't wanted to dress in the discarded wrappers of various household products at some point? (*cricket noises) Well, Moschino is helping to make that dream become a reality. Some would find the flamboyancy of it all leaning a little to much on the novelty side, but I love it. It's unconventional and free-spirited - and yes, even a little sexy. (I do love that fresh linen laundry smell after all!)

Somehow I think the model above (and below come to think of it)
would look good in anything... 

In fashion stakes, I am actually very much liking what's going on here. The accented collars and cuffs I love as they breathe a little personality into otherwise conventional (conventional as in silhouette conventional!) looks. The tartan pattern across the waist above is a great contrast to the placid tones and traditional patterns on the shirt and pant and give the look a more hipster feel. Can't say I like the shoes but I can see why they're there. I think the fabric of the shoe is wrong and would have perhaps preferred lace-ups like the ones below (except in a blue and pink colour combination to highlight the tones throughout the look).

The look above and the ones below are borderline outrageous and I love them. In your face and daring, the colours are loud and obnoxious. The hat works better on these looks that the first as they help to give the full length look an even greater distinction, and fits with the overall pimpster vibe. I LOVE the colour of the pants above - cut just above the ankle, matched with the canary socks and grass-green shoes, they're just fabulous.

The look below is just ├╝ber cool. Seventies, peace-loving, orgy-attending, street-strutting, free-spirited cool. Unafraid of individuality, the Moschino man below is out to score in life - and with that deep yellow vest, aggressively-orange pants and sly smile - score he will!

I want those trainers. So cool.

Moschino has certainly turned a few heads with this collection and I dare say anybody wearing any pieces from the collection will turn heads too. Like one big, exciting, secretly enjoyable and addictive bag of Skittles - the 2013 SS Moschino collection is definitely not for the faint of heart!

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